Patau-patau Water Village

Water villages that are to be seen in Labuan are mostly lived in by the Brunei Malays. The villages possess the name as such because it is built along the edges of water. The houses there are all made up of high stilts and only woods. Then there is a long wooden walkway that is used to connect each and every house in the village. Most of the houses have their own boat as transport. Their houses are quite spacious. Visitors are more than welcome to roam around and pay a visit to the village. The residents are all very friendly. Some host families will even welcome you with some local treats. What interesting is that the village is not just comprised of wooden houses, and many a small shop, but it is well equipped will all kinds of basic facilities. It has seafood restaurants and boardwalk. Besides, they offer water sports activities to tourists.

This is an interesting place at Labuan and consists of a number of shops, mosques and houses around the waterfront. You do not need to get on a boat for going to the Water Village as it is well connected by roads. Parking space is available at the entry for a fee. The villagers are quite friendly and you will never be harassed by anyone while taking pictures or just walking around the peaceful and quaint village. There are two options for exploring the village - concrete walkways and a wooden bridge.


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